Friday, November 6, 2009


Is this how our world is going to end? I watched this video several times – 2012 movie, and it gives me the creeps. When I close my eyes to sleep, the scenes play in my mind…

From the early civilizations to Nostradamus, there is a prediction on when and how our world will going to end. Yes, there is an end for everything, but it is a mystery when its gonna happen.

Our planet is sick, just like a sick old man who have a chronic disease that no matter what the people around him do to cure him, its getting worse every single day and he is facing death soon.

Would you agree if I say, we are the worst species? Why did I say so? Because we are the biggest contributor in destroying our own place. And the payback is just around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to surprise us.

Hmmm… one thing is sure, when the last day comes; it will be the most horrible thing anyone could imagine, its inevitable. No one will survive whatever you believe in and where ever you are, even the tiniest insect will perish.

Are you ready? Oh, I think we will never be ready…


  1. hei will it happen i just cant imagine

  2. hey, i'd like to watch that movie, is this movie titled 2012? wow! its unnerving! thrilling, dear..the hairs in my skin wanna all go up..

  3. @sreenivas its a horrible day...

    @cathy yup, the effects are stunning. and everybody is frightened right now.

  4. hey jenny.. its just an illusion in creating a story and script about 2012 issues. According to individuals' sixth sense he can able to predict the good ones from bad. Nothing will happen like that. I think its just a gossip. I agree with ur quote that "An end is there". But its still had time to occur such big revolution.

    It happens as the gossip says, but most probably due to melting and flooding of huge ice bergs and some volcano eruptions. Nothing happen more than this. I didnt seen the movie and even the trailer yet. But i cant able to encourage the distruction of nature calamities in different animated pictures.

    Nature disasters will happen, but on its own. Lets take a small example, typhoons in manila and phillipines is a nature calamity, even the govt gave caution to natizens. But we cant able to find how much loss of lives and land.

    Hey.. Nothing will happen. Its just a gossip wandering heavily under a carpet.
    Nothing happen.. Prmoise..

  5. Surely there will be an End for everything. If you can't believe in that then you just ignore this post. But it may happen any time. 2012 or 2020 or ....