Friday, November 6, 2009

Direct TV Rocks!

We are so lucky living in the comfort of high technology. We can spend the rest of our day-off in front of that big screen television watching our favorite tv programs. But, we are not just satisfied on the programs that we watch; we aim to have surround sound systems, high definition, more channels to choose and so forth...

In June 17, 1994, DirectTV was lunched, and we owe it to Stanley S. Hubbard, He was a leading proponent for the development of direct broadcast satellite service (DBS) in the United States. After that, it evolved to enable the building of very high power satellites and allowed multiple digital television channels to be sent through each satellite frequency. That is how we now enjoy watching the late night shows, sports shows and even the movies that we love in our television screens!

Basically DirectTV is a very good option for everybody, especially those who are living in the places where there are no cable providers. And the thing that will really amaze you is, it offers more channels or even hundreds of digital channels to watch and enjoy. It is ready to go -- DirectTV is 100% digital. And because it lie in HDTV and DVR systems, it is high definition and allows a much larger resolution for viewing, as well as enhanced surround sound. At a resolution of 1280x1080 content is 2-5 times sharper on television sets. If you have a quality digital television set this will replace your need for an HD player or Playstation 3 as you can watch classic movies and new releases on satellite TV. DirectTV has affordable packages that is mostly the options of more customers around the world.

As DirectTV has special offers and packages to choose, and yes, we are so thankful for this. As for me, I don't have to spend my weekend, staring at my white ceiling. I'll spend it in front of my TV screen, with popcorn in my hands. I love movie marathon on Sundays!


  1. obviously it is very nice technology

  2. Hey Jenny!

    Love the blog!

    I actually sell DirecTV for a living and had a customer telling me about Stanley Hubbard for like an hour yesterday, lol!

    I hope you haven't forgot about my blog :)

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