Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Weekend!!

Yesterday was a blast! I finally watched New Moon movie. Everything went great, even though we got to wait in line for almost an hour just to buy ticket... its a bad idea not to get reserved one (lesson learned). What really made me so happy, that I laugh the whole time, was every time Jacob appeared in the scene half naked and the time when he take odd his shirt, there goes the screaming crowd! The cinema turned out to be a live concert hall. And of course Edward theme swooned when the couple kissed. Gosh, people got so gaga with that 8 packed werewolf. Well, its a great one for the whole casts, they really did a great job. And I must say, New Moon is better than the first, not that the first one sucks... I mean everything improved as well as the screen color, they are not so pale and the movie didn't go far from what is in the book.

And the good news is according to the Associated Press, the Twilight Saga: New Moon took in $72.7 million on opening day--this is just in US and Canada.
Vampires and werewolves have vanquished a dark knight. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” took in $72.7 million in its first day to break the single day domestic box office record previously held by “The Dark Knight,” which had a $67.2 million opening day last year.The Friday haul for the “Twilight” sequel includes a record $26.3 million from midnight screenings alone.

If “New Moon” maintains its pace, it might have a shot at the all-time best opening weekend record of $158.4 million, also held by “The Dark Knight.”

Hurry and congrats to the New Moon casts as well as to its director Chris Weitz. They've done a good job. And I am eagerly and almost impatiently waiting for the third movie sequel Twilight Saga - Eclipse.

I want to squeeze this in, its a hilarious video of Taylor Lautner - Jacob Black, interview in Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Taylor raced with the host using mini bikes and he bumped to the wall, dragging his mic and oh, he cheated Jimmy, end up winning the race!

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