Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No to Domestice Violence Against Women and Children

Today is the Int'l Day Campaign Against Domestic Violence of Women and Children. I heard it over the radio. Well, the painful reality is, despite of laws against domestic violence of women and children, there are still millions out there suffering from this abuse. There are many kinds of violence, there is physical which is visible through swollen face and wounds, but there is a an emotional violence which will leave deep and lasting scars and traumatizing. I think there is no more painful than being abused emotionally. Women and children most of the time, suffer from this kind of abuse and they just keep silent about it. The sad answer when you ask them "why?", they just answer you "I have no choice..."

I feel sad every time I hear a story about a mother or a wife being beaten by her husband, a child insulted by her/his parent. If violence start in our home, there will be no safe place to live in the future. Everybody will live with hatred and vengeance.

And it is great to know that there are group of people who never get tired in campaigning and doing everything to make these violence come to an end.

What are the different acts of violence.

1. Physical violence – acts that include bodily or physical harm;

2.Sexual violence – acts which are sexual in nature;

3.Psychological violence - commission or omission of acts which cause mental or emotional suffering of the victim;

4. Economic abuse – acts that make a woman financially dependent on the offender.

Who are protected under the law?

1.Wife or former wife of the offender;

2.Woman with whom the offender has or had a dating or sexual relationship;

3.The mother of the child of the offender;

4.The child, whether legitimate or illegitimate of the woman.

Who are punished by the law?

The following are liable:

1.Husbands or former husbands;

2.Any person with whom the victim has or had a sexual or dating relationship (e.g. boyfriends, live-in partners, or lesbian partners);

3.Any person with whom the victim has a common child;

4.Father of the child-victim

I found these lists in Sen. Pia Cayetano's website. She is one of the most active in this campaign even travel in different places around the country and participating in more countries to campaign and spread awareness of the necessary things we should be aware of. Lets be a part of these, lets make our home the safest place.


  1. Really a sensitive article about the real life happening. Should be avoided, but either until or unless the guilty is felt, it cannot be avoided.

  2. It will be nice if any organisation found for the same against the emotional and physical violations on men from women too... (lol)

  3. @screenivas Hi! yah, a sensitive topic and always been an issue. well, u r right it is nice to have an org for both (men and women)...