Friday, November 20, 2009

New Prehistoric Crocs Was Discovered

I spent the whole afternoon reading some great facts about our nature. I have this big interest in the science thing, in fact I am a fan of Nat Geo Channel and its Magazine. God gave us the wonders of nature that we enjoy but now sadly to say, we are destroying it. As part of knowing everything around us, we have to dig and find out what it looks like way before human rule the earth. Millions of years had past, and its good to know that we are able to find pieces of bones and fossils that will unswer our questions to figure out what they look like.

One of the contributor who continue to discover things hidden underneath our land is National Geographic Team. This news is just recent--Paul Sereno, Paleontologist, University of Chicago and his team from Nat Geo, had discovered almost half a dozen fossilized remains of new species of crocs. The team tried to assembled it to see what they might look like.

The first is 20-feet long, has a triple fanged reptile dubbed Boar Croc - could gallop and it had a head and mouth that could bring down a dinosaur.

Second, Little duck croc - flat-billed with long-sleek leg bones and about 3-feet long.

Third, Pancake Croc - 20 feet long with a thin, 3-foot long set of jaws.

Fourth, Dog Croc - about 3-feet long and had a very large forebrain, possibly indicating higher intelligence, probably comfortable on land as in the water

Last, Rat Croc was about 3-feet long with a pair of buckteeth in the lower jaw to flesh out small prey.

Wow, life is tough when these guys rule the whole land. No sympathy and apathy what matter is eat, not be eaten and survive...

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