Monday, November 23, 2009

Organize Your Holiday Schedules Using Web App.

"The most wonderful time of the year" is coming! It is fast approaching, fast as in almost here! And if you are planning to send invites, do the wish list, Christmas shopping I have here some web apps that might or should I can could help you organize things before Christmas eve. I know, you might not celebrate it this, but I am sure you have friends who'll do. Share these to them...

This is an electronic invitation. Great if you are planning a big dinner with colleague and families. You can design your own electronic invitation and decide whether or not invitees can see the guest list or invite more people. And people who just want to send a simple response don't need to sign up for the site.

Clipping/note-jotting service that runs on your desktop as well as in the cloud. You can write anything on it, to-do-lists, schedules or even food recipe... and it also has a mobile version.
Well, this is my favorite. As you know I love cooking, I can find great recipes especially for Noche Buena and Media Noche. Oh, you can find yummy roast turkey recipes!

This one is for card writing, gift buying, gift shipping, holiday dinners and other gatherings. You can use it whatever occasions you'll going to celebrate. Basecamp offers a free one-project account that lets you add milestones, associate to-do lists with each milestone and assign a to-do task to anyone in your account. There is a message section that lets you send out e-mail notes but also keep each message collected on the site. You need a paid account in order to upload and share files within Basecamp, but a free whiteboard included in all accounts allows you to have links to external files.

There! Enjoy the holiday season and cheers!!!!

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