Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You Day

Oct. 20th is a special day today, here in the Philippines. This is celebrated on different dates around the world. Anyway, its already late in the afternoon and a while ago, I found it hard to write this post. My mind is battling about who am I going to thank. All was clear in my mind are the bad things happened and the people who made it worst. But now, I had courage to write this post.

Anyway, today is the time to say thank you to everybody who had been a part of you life. Whether that person gave you heart ache, troubles or been a part of your happiness. Whoever they are and whatever they did, they contribute to make your life colorful and you learned something from them.

So for me, I'd like to say thank you to God, who made me special as I am. Whatever I am dealing with today, still I stay safe and happy. God gave me life to enjoy. Also I am thanking Him for giving me a great family and friends who stay with me thru thick and thin.

Second, I thank my family. They had been the people who comfort everytime I'm down, smile everytime I'm happy and celebrate with me, everytime I am successful in something and most of all cry with me when I'm down. Help me stand up when I stumble.

I also thank my friends, best friend and people who I'd met. They accepted me for who I am and understand my weaknesses and strengts.

So, how about you? Tell everybody Thank You before this day pass, whether its your Boss who always bugs you, or your wife who always nag. After all, today is Thank You Day!

Bytheway, Thank You for visiting and reading my blog! (",)

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