Monday, October 5, 2009

Teacher's Day!

Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers around the world.

And to the best teacher I ever had, my Mom. She's teaching in high school, and 2 years from now, she's going to retire. She teaches me not only academics, but the most important things in life.

I learned from her:

  • how to deal with life.

  • How to be compassion and humble in the most difficult situation.

  • To be positive in everything I believe in.

  • To have faith.

  • How to be a good friend

  • How to learn to be patient, and never get tired to wait for something I desire.

  • How to accept even if it hurts most of the times.

  • How to forgive, even if I insist its the most difficult thing to do, ever.

  • How to work hard and expect nothing in return.

  • To smile in my saddest moments, in times of failure and frustration.

  • How to stand up when I stumble.

  • Lastly the most important, how to love, even to those that I think doesn't deserve to be loved

My Mom is the most humble person I know, even if she's facing hard times, she's still calm. I know that when the time come, and I become a mother, I surely teach these things to my kids and grandkids.

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