Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holloween Applications

Halloween is just right around the corner! I love Halloween, the black dress, creepy decorations, spooky Jack-o-lanterns and of course trick or treat (candies). But if you want more iphone applications that is great for this seasons, here are three of my favorite apps that i recommend.

If you have a passion for film making, photography or writing, Hitchcock mobile storyboard will mean to you much more than just a Halloween app. A wide range of useful storyboard tools and a cool stand-in feature will enhance your creative activity and let you take your projects on the go. Price: $19.99

It detects small fluctuations in the quantum flux around your iPhone or iPod Touch. Once the app picks up an anomalous signal, it translates the energy activity into a few types of readings: radar blips, scrolling letters and even English words! So you can not only detect a haunting entity but try to communicate it. Be sure to include this entertaining app into your Halloween iPhone set. Price: $0.99

-GhostCam modifies your existing pictures by adding realistic-looking ghosts. Great for pranks and more. How would your boss or annoying coworker react to evidence of the paranormal in the office? Exactly. Price: $0.99

Have fun pimping your iphone!


  1. hei nice post but still get us more detail about iphone application