Monday, October 19, 2009

Stuff For My Friends Pet

Taking care of a pet is I think just like taking care of a baby. Its exciting, you have to give them the best care they deserve to make them feel comfortable living with you. Just like my fried who adopted a kitty last week. I think its her first time having a pet cat in her house and I promise to help her take care and buy all things her new little friend need. So I prepare some things to consider before buying. Well, online shopping for pets is a little tough, that is why it would be helpful to look for an online shopping site that not just display their products, but provide the information and guidelines about the products so that it would be easy to choose what is best for the pet.

Here are some neccesities and information when buying cats stuff.

First, cat bed. Cat experts says, cats are really wise and choosy, they tend to dislike what you give them if they feel uncomfortable. Kittens are just like a baby who just love being cuddled up when sleeping. There are lots of cat bed designs that varies from a cheap one to really pricey designs. For my friends cat, I choose a Plush Cat Play Tunnel Bag. This is best for kittens. It is warm and soft inside.

Second, Cat Bowls. For kittens it is best to choose a small, simple and shallow bowl because they hate there whiskers touch the side of the bowl.

Third, Cat Carriers. This is used when its time for the cat's Vet check-up, to a trip or just taking them out for some activities. It is important to pick a design that will be comfortable for the cat, icluding the size. I found a nice design that whould be easy to carry, Fabric Cat Carrier. With its straps, it would be easy to bring anywhere.

Then the most important is the food they must eat. Choose the food that contains all the nutriets they need, and some points to be remembered is they must eat meat, drink milk and take vitamins. Feed them foods that are especially made for cats, because feeding them that are not made for them can upset their stomache.

Other accesories are toys and dress. They look so cute being dressed-up. I am going to enjoy helping my friend take care of her new pet.

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