Thursday, October 1, 2009

Newest Technology that Set Self-Destruct Data

Are you bothering about your secrets to be revealed? Lets say, confidential e-mails, text messages or even photos and videos that you know (scandal blah blah)... sometimes we go beyond our limitations, just for the challenge? And the next day, you'll find it in the world wide web, watched by the whole world...!

Well, I think this is a great news for you. University of Washington introduced a new technology that is called Vanish, and it is designed to make your electronic messages just literaly vanish.
"With self-destructing data, users can regain control over the lifetimes of their Web objects, such as private messages on Facebook, documents on Google Docs, or private photos on Flickr," the researchers wrote in the paper announcing their work.

The self-destroying data is a seductive idea for people concerned about privacy. Imagine, just like what we see in a movie. But yeah, we have to take some few considerations like some people can use it for wrong purposes. It could be easy for criminals to do something and can't be detected. And for legal purposes, some relevant data that can be use as evidence could not be retrieved. This is perhaps can be helpful for us, but can do great change to create great problems.


  1. every has its own -ve... but a good technology..

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