Saturday, May 16, 2009

David "Archie" Archuleta Smile

I listened to David Archuleta's radio interview in magic fm a while ago. One thing I never forget is when, He was called by DJ Mojo (If I'm not mistaken), "The happiest person in the world" and He answered, "their is so many things to smile about. Its like you have to be positive" (its not the exact words but its what he mean).

I love his smile, the way he laugh, its like He is easy to be with, simple and down to earth. This is a photo during his interview in Magic Fm (Good times with DJ Mo Twister, Dj Mojo and Dj Grace Lee) this morning.


  1. I like this, of all the topics here this one is my favorite...hehehe...I love archie very much!