Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Winner

I am little late for this one, I wasn't able to watch the live telecast 8:00 am of American Idol winner announcement today, coz I'm at work, so I have to watch the reply at 8:00 pm in StarWorld.

I wasn't surprised that boy-next-door Kris Allen won, I have read the news before that when Danny Gokey was eliminated last week, it was assumed that his voters transferred to Kris. I remember Simon said yesterday, "When your name was announced last week, I wasn't sure that America had made the right choice", "I absolutely take all that back now after that performance." after he sang "Ain't No Sunshine", which is his best performance.

It is said that more than 100 million votes were cast after the singing showdown between Lambert and Allen and a record-setting 624 million votes were cast over the season.

I love the performance of the Top 13, my favorite is when they sing together with Santana. I miss them, specially Anoop and Danny, as well as the awarding portion. It is so cool when Katrina "Bikini Girl" sang with Kara, and she again kissed Ryan.

Before the results were announced, Lambert and Allen had a moment of musical performance: They sing together with Queen on the rock song “We Are the Champions.”

Simon said to them “To both of you, and I don’t normally mean this, I thought you were both brilliant. .... The future’s all yours,”

They are both winners for me, they both have their own unique voice and style in singing.

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