Sunday, May 24, 2009

American Idol 8 Winner - Biggest upset for the season?

I read rants about the newest American Idol Winner - Kris Allen. It's like they can't believe Kris won, many had expected Adam, and they are upset.

Some blogger said that "it's the biggest upset", and "America got it wrong", I know people who said He doesn't deserve it coz, He is just an ordinary singer. Okay, He is ordinary, and Adam is extraordinary...

Well, America choose the ordinary boy-next-door.

Before the announcing the Top 2, I expected that Danny Gokey will be in. Sadly he was the one eliminated. I like Adam too, yes, He has powerful voice. Every week he always surprise the audience by his performance, he is amazing!

But I think people choose Kris because they simply likes him. People love him sing, so it's not an "upset for this season".

It doen't matter who won, people have choices, its just that there are more people who choose Kris.

These two performers have their own unique voices, they sing different genre, lets just wait for their album to be release and I'm sure we will love them.

This is my opinion... How about you? Is America choose the right Idol?

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