Thursday, May 28, 2009

AT&T Employees Help Kris Allen Win the American Idol 8

This is what I've read in today:

"American Idol" sponsor AT&T has come under fire after it was revealed employees of the company handed out cell phones at Kris Allen parties in his home state of Arkansas and taught people how to cast blocks of votes

According to the news during the Idol finale, few AT&T employees were invited to attend two local watch parties organized by the community. Some employees gave instructions to partygoers (Kris Allen fans) on how to send "power texts", at least 10 messages with just one click. Rules allow for only AT&T subscribers to text vote.

But AT&T do not believe it affected the outcome, in fact FOX and 19 Entertainment, the producers of the show agree to the AT&T statement and denied the claims in a statement:

"Fox and the producers of American Idol are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verified. Kris Allen is, without a doubt, the American Idol. We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process. In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition."

And it said there that no similar effor was done for Adam Lambert.

Do you think the results was really fair? Every 1 push of a button, ten votes was added to Kris Allen... Its sure a big thing that affect the result! Well, lets just hope that the result is accurate. After all, Kris and Adam are now an Idol.

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