Saturday, May 30, 2009

blah... blah...

It rained the whole day, still the sky has dark clouds, stars didn't showed up. I don't like rainy days, its make me feel sad... but tonight, i am in favor to the weather, I can have a good night sleep, coz its not too humid and hot. I'm hoping to have a good dream, dreams that make me smile when I wake up.

I feel down, why? I dont' know. I suddenly feel bored and repulsive to anything. Please dont blame me, its uncontrollable, I want to stop it. My mind is so stressed out. I have so many ideas in my head but I cannot express it. So many things i'm afraid of, randomly popped up into my mind. Things are not happening the way I planned it. Why I never get used to this?

Maybe i'm just exhausted of 6 days of work, with only 3-4 hours sleep, everyday. hey, this is just what i feel today, but it doesnt mean i'm depressed and suicidal. Sometimes, its okay to feel like this.

Ahhh, Tomorrow will be a good day, i'll choose to make it good!

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