Friday, October 8, 2010

I certainly missed a lot in blogosphere! I was away for more than 2 weeks because of this mandatory overtime at work, thanks God it is over. I had a lot of things to tell you, I hope I will not forget them all. But firstly I am so happy and excited for the upcoming Harry Potter Part 7 movie (The Deathly Hallows). Actually this is just the part one of the last book and and the part 2 movie will be release on 2011, sigh.... it will going be a long waiting to do.

Yes, I know this movie trailer was released few weeks ago, and probably I'm the last one to post this in a blog.... my bad... but I am one of those millions crazy fans of this story, I don't care if I'm late.

My birthday is just days from now, I am dying and wishing to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park in Universal Studios! I will definitely go there someday, soon.

And oh, one thing more, I am so happy to hear when author J. K Rowling said on Oprah Winfrey interview: "I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, 10th [book]." Wow, way to go J.K. Rowling, I am surely looking forward for the Harry Potter extension series.

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