Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something I wanna buy for myself

When "Apple invasion" started, I never owned any Apple product, because it cost a lot for me. But don't get me wrong, Apple products are on of the best!

I've been using an ordinary cheap MP3 player for years and I decided to buy something new for me.

I am drooling over this new iPod Nano with Multi-touch. It is so tiny which can fit in my pocket and it has FM tuner. One reason why I don't buy iPod before is because aside from it is bulky, it don't have FM tuner. I love listening to my favorite FM program while I'm at work so radio is always the first on my list.

This new iPod was redesigned and became half the size of the first iPod Nano model. I am impressed with its design:

it has a built-in clip. You ca clip it in your sleeve, jacket, or bag.

And also available in seven bright colors which will fit to your personality. Well, I am eyeing for the green one!

I saved enough for this one, and excited to hold my first iPod. :)

Click here to know its complete features.


  1. apple is the best yooo ):)


  2. hey.. thanks for the visit... wow you got a new layout.. nice!! Yeah.. Apple kick ass!! Just wait for the iPad 2g and iphone 5. :) Hehehe...


  3. I like it that it's very tiny but I'm not really sure because I might lose it easily.