Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm back! Last week was crazy. Yes, it was... I was so exhausted, suffered from severe headache and back pain. But it was fun for me and a great challenge. I worked 8 hours plus 4 hours overtime and another 2 hours for online home-based job. It was not easy, but I love being busy.

But the best part of the day was when my Mom came for a long weekend visit. We had a great time, had a chit chat and go to the mall.

Uhmmm, that is me and my Mom. I look hideous and pale. As I said, last week was crazy, I was so busy, stressed out and not feeling well. But, trying to smile on the camera :)

My sister and Mom.

Sis bought a new phone. Its a Samsung Corby B3410. We tried its wifi connection and the speed was good. The camera produced a great photo too. I heard negative comments and complain about corby but as of now, this phone is fine.

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  1. hi jen! what type of online job did you apply? please share information, it would be wonderful to earn extra. waiting for your reply. have a great week.