Sunday, September 5, 2010

Such a busy bee

This is the busiest week for me, this year. All my prayers was answered. I am so thankful! I think I finally learned to be patient and faithful. The year 2010 welcomed me, by facing so much tough challenges, including financial crisis and everything. Things got worst the following months. It really made me feel so sad, depressed and helpless. See, whats the use of living a simple life and making your stomach empty most of the time... if you can life having the money in the world that will make your life comfortable...

Then desperately prayed and hoped to get an online job, preferably an hourly online job. I sent my resume hundred times and all I received was declined noticed. I continued to wait patiently, till just this week, I got a job! There's more, I am doing overtime job in the office, which offers extra income and oh, I am selling laptop and accessories.

Well, it sounds tough... Yes, in fact I am so exhausted but I am so happy. My situation made me workaholic. I'm always wanting or looking for something to do, and I love doing it.

When we are asking for something to happen, and it won't, just wait and believe in God's perfect time. It will just come to you in the most unexpected way.


  1. @ali tnx pal, yeah still busy, but im happy... :)

  2. even if you're busy, don't forget to rest because too much work might take a toil on your health.

  3. @joy tnx yeah, I filed for another leave this week.