Sunday, October 24, 2010

Worried for a Friend

Oh, its another busy week, had passed. One of my gal pal visited me and had some good time in the city. It's been 2 years that we haven't see each other. Lots of things had changed,... Obviously, we look older this time, hmmm, not as old as a wrinkled old lady but let's say more matured, more opinionated and more plans for the future. We also talked about those crazy college days, and asked each other about how are our classmates in college doing now, who's still in touched and what's the latest gossip about them. Then I noticed something on her. Since our college days, she had this bad acne problem. She tried so many treatment and facial wash, it will sometimes lessen but will still leaves ugly acne scars. Now, after two years her face looks so clean and the scars disappeared. She confessed that she's taking this "pill", its a contraceptive pill and also called a beauty pill, because it makes the skin so beautiful for someone who is taking it. I was alarmed and worried because its not a prescribed pill for her, and she even didn't consult a doctor if it is okay for her. It could mess up her hormones or can give some complications to her health. I tried to convince here to go to a doctor and ask for the right acne medicine for her to take.

Now that she's back in the province I hope she think about what I told her.

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