Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's my Birthday .... again?!

Goodness, I can't believe how times flies!!!! It feels like my last birthday was just last day and now it's my birthday again! I woke up reading tons or birthday wishes in my cellphone, facebook and twitter. I am so blessed to have all the folks who loves and accept me for who ever I am. I am so thankful because things got better. Some things that I am wanting to have was granted, some was still a dream but I definitely believe in God's perfect time.

Now, I maybe older but I am stronger, more faithful, patient and hopeful. Life for me, is not just bearing problems -- they are not problems, they are actually challenges, but life is also a gift... a gift that is worth enjoying. Living for someone is such a wonderful thing that is worth living for.

Okay, so uhm,... enough with the drama and everything I'm not really good expressing extremely serious thoughts. Any way, I enjoyed my day today. There are some tiny little problem but, its just slight and better if I ignore it. After all, today is my birthday!

Oh, the cake above is really not mine, I just get it from :) I'd like to have a birthday cake but I end up having a cake roll

It looks yummy but no candle above... anyway it still a cake. yum! yum!!!


  1. Your blog is interesting. I hope to come back often.
    Good luck

  2. Belated happy birthday here!!!

  3. belated happy birth day po jenskie.. sensya na ngayon lang nakabati hehe wala pa akong gift hehe

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