Saturday, October 9, 2010

Best Source of Event Schedule and Tickets

Looking and searching for a complete event schedule for your favorite baseball team or your favorite band can be stressing. Sometimes tickets, schedule of concerts and games are advertised just few more days before the event happened. The sad part of it is, most of the time tickets are sold out before you attempt to get one. Sometimes you can get some, but it cost double from its original price. This thing always happen to me, I missed a lot of great concerts last year.

I found a great source of event tickets and information site just before the Adam Lambert concert happens here in our place. Ticket America offers great event selections and great ticket prices. It has city guides where you can check out all the games, concerts, theater shows and even big events that are scheduled in all of the states in U.S. I even managed to check out the next Adam Lambert concert that's going to happen this coming December. My cousins in Los Angeles are so excited to buy their tickets now. Not just that, I have a friend in Chicago who is always busy in her work. She and her boyfriend are celebrating their 3rd year anniversary this month. She asked me to look for a great concert to watch this month. Actually City Guides have so many great shows to choose with competitive ticket prices and I found her the perfect concert to watch. Its the Maroon 5 Concert that's happening on October 27th, and its my birthday! Now, she had her ticket and will be sitting in the front.

So, I advise you to check out Although ticket price vary from the location of the event, the date, seat location and other factors, tickets are affordable and it is 100% money back guarantee if there will be a sales staff made some mistakes.

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