Thursday, June 4, 2009

A poem for me

Its a rainy day... And I don't liked it! Ahhh... I wish for a sunny day tomorrow. I am longing to see the bright blue sky and the starry night.

Anyway, very good friend made a great poem, I asked her to make one for me. I am her fan already!

From My Little Corner

Here I am again
Starring at the sky
Looking at the moonlight
Dreaming of you tonight
Waiting for the star to fall
Wishing you more and more...

Remembering the day that were together
Sharing each others dreams
Promise to fullfill it someday

Here in my little corner
Waiting for my partner
Asking for a little longer
That we have more time together
And looking forward for a brighter day

Thanks you so much, Yunnieca!

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