Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sikat Ang Pinoy

Its a routine for me to read blogs. I regularly visit those that are my favorites and I wanna share you one of them.

Sikat and Pinoy is one of the fav. I love its humor and whats the great thing about it is, its a SEO competition and aims to help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines. Typhoon Ondoy left the country with hundreds of victims and destroyed millions of crops.

You can check out this blog and I guarantee you, it will never fail to make you laugh.


  1. hi jen...in behalf of leo and the rest of the group i would like to thank you for creating this article...leo and his group will surely appreciate this ^_^

    have you read all the articles?...hehe :)) funny, isn't it?...cathy actually likes it...and in fact her word of the year is "ESPASOL" from "espasol/twilight" article of http://walakasaloloko.info ...hehe :))

  2. as in hehe. inaabangan ko ung magbabasa ng mga sulat.