Monday, January 25, 2010

Longing to see a beautiful sunset...

Its a brand new week, but it started as a stressful day for me. Heaps of things to do in the office and so many things to worry about at home. Its not easy living alone in the city I must say... I can't help but close my eyes and hoping that when I open them, I can see the beautiful sunset in front of me.

Its always my desire to wake up in the morning looking at the sunrise, because it brings new hope for me, and at the end of the day, watching the beautiful rich colored sunset, because it looks so calm... it means time to relax, take a rest and prepare to face the new day. Well, its the opposite view I saw when I opened my eyes, its the busy streets and people rushing everywhere, although I can see the beautiful street lights, but it still makes me well so restless. I hope I can go somewhere maybe at the beach or camp near the lake.

Okay, I'm being emotional right now, but just having time to share my thoughts for now. So well, things aren't happening the way I want to be, but things will be much better than I assume.

So I call it a day, have a good night everybody!

Photo from Blue Ridge Blog


  1. Things always seem to work out in the end.

  2. hey gurl cheer up! you've been like that for awhile now.. whats the prob gurl?