Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photography Practice

I have new photos to share with you. Its my little friend Chiara who loves smiling at the camera. You know I can finally use Manual settings and not dependent to the pre-settings, for just less than a month. And yeah, there are still lots of experiments and practise to do until I get my best shot. Since I don't have much time to go somewhere, I took portrait photography last Sunday.

I used Aperture Priority settings for this photos, I like it because I made sharper image this time:

55mm - ISO 200
Aperture - F/6
Shutter Speed - 1/60s

38mm - ISO 200
Aperture - F/5
Shutter Speed - 1/60s

Watch out for my next project...


  1. hi jen...ei, why are you absent today?...haven't seen you before i left the office this morning...

    anyways, who's that baby you featured here in your blog?...she's so cute and nice shot, ha?'re really improving a time get me as your model, too..haha :)) LOLz

    by the way, have you check ...your site is already included in their list of blog links ^_^.. cathy and i saw last night

  2. tnx! i love taking photos, and i hope i can go to province on summer.

    you can see more photos in my flickr accnt--jenskie2009

  3. when it is releasing(next project)???
    cute frnd

  4. wow...out of town this summer...hmn?...can cathy and i join you?...

    ei, check out my blog..wala ako latest update but i already post my Starbucks Coffee Planner 2010 article

  5. wow the baby's soo cute...would love to hug and cradle her...and wash her...those two little teeth are awesome!!!!nice pic jen...:*_*

  6. @svetlana: hmn...i'm smelling something...LOLz...why don't you and paulino just make your own cutie baby...hehe :))