Friday, January 29, 2010

Pants on the Gound song will invade the Grammys

Its "way to go", for Larry Platt, the one with "the pants on the ground", the song with a catchy tune? After I saw him auditioning in American Idol two weeks ago, for some reason it stuck up in my mind, unknowingly suffering from last song syndrome (lol).

Anyway, Gen. Larry's song became an instant hit or some said first viral hit video for this year, not to mention also became a frequent topic on social commentary sites--some liked it and some didn't but hey, now, he's going to perform on the red carpet/grammys, yes... he will!


  1. well not heard about him. Can you send me a link to his song??

    However i think its gonna be T. Swift for the tonnes of trophies.

  2. and remove this irritating ad below coz its blocking the word verification. I got it through the tab button only. I won't be botherd next time.

  3. hey remrow, here is the link of Gen Platt song "Pants on the Ground":

  4. hey friend you are joking are you?? I listened to the song and just to find a guy chanting and some laughs on the background>..

    Anyway nice choice lol..