Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taylor Lautner on his Leather Jacket

I like Jacob Black so much as well as Taylor Lautner, its what I can say. I keep on tracking of whats the latest about him and so far this is what I got...

First, here is his photo during an interview and photoshoot with He tells things that his fans didn't know about him.

Here are some of them:

1. He doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account, though he says plenty of people pose as him online.
2. He's a major Red Bull fan and drank it throughout our shoot.
3. His favorite band, U2, is performing in Vancouver this summer, where he'll be shooting Eclipse!
4. He can’t live without his leather jacket, so stylist Matthew Edelstein pulled this John Varvatos jacket for the shoot.
5. He drives a black BMW 5 series but is more into football than cars.

I know this is not enough, there are more things fans want to know about him, just wait until November for the issue of "Behind-the-scene" of New Moon. I think he will tell more.

for full info: here and here

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