Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Nephew Got a Flute!!!

Today, I was so stressed out helping my nephew on what kind of musical instrument should he choose for his Music subject. They are about to pick one and learn how to play it. Well, its not easy to just pick whatever he would want, he is just a third grader and we have to pick something that he will be enjoying for him to play, and the problem is we are not so familiar with musical instruments aside from the usual instruments that we see around.

So, I rushed to my computer to look for what instrument will suit to his personality. I'm glad I found, they have everything there and the prices are affordable! Great thing about this site is that it has information about a certain instrument, how to use it and things that should be consider before buying it, as well as the kinds and parts of the musical instruments. There are actually lots to choose and it is easy for a customer to decide. All the information we need are there.

First, my nephew chose the clarinet, but when he knew that he is the only one in class that will play clarinet, he changed his mind. He considered drum set, because he said its cool to have it, aside from a guitar, but its huge, he can't bring it in school. He later chose flute. Its popular and well, I think easier to play than clarinet and really not as huge as drum set.

I'm glad my nephew is having fun playing it with his classmates. He actually learned fast and he promised to play it in front of the family this coming Sunday.

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