Friday, July 23, 2010

Rant mode & my first Night Photography shots

Okay, this busyness is really driving me nuts! I am thinking of so many things that keeps me bothering, I can't have enough sleep. You know what, I am planning to buy a house. Actually I am already eyeing on one but I still have to think about it if I can able to pay for it.

Then I'm also going to buy a new mobile phone. I prefer an affordable sony ericsson brand, that is wifi capable. Can you help me suggest of a good one? Thanks in advance, I really need a new phone. :)


By the way, I was so tired last day and I feel sad. I don't know why, its just that maybe I am tired, busy and sleepless that made me emotional. I decided to go to Mall of Asia and take a candid pictures and catch the sunset. But I arrived there 7:00 in the evening so I wasn't able to catch the beautiful twilight, instead I saw a beautiful fountain at the back of the mall and became the subject for my photography.

Honestly, night photography is a big challenge for me. It is so hard to take a picture at night or in dark places using Manual setting or Shutter Priority unless I use a tripod. Take a look at these, my first night photography photos using manual settings:

I am still not good in setting the shutter priority to get a good lighting.

I tried few shots and these are I've got. Promise, I'll work on my night photography and will show you my new improved shots, soon.


  1. Just hang on there. A little more effort and I'm sure you'll get that house. Just remember you got my support.

    God Bless!

  2. yep, just hangin on... and thanks for the big support. :)

  3. Love your photos, the night photography is wonderful. Thanks for advertising on my site : The De-evolution of man.

  4. @Greg thanks and your welcome :)