Sunday, July 4, 2010 waving a white flag

When was the last time you said "I can't keep up, I surrender."?

Well, I say it almost every day, andit's funny because unknowingly I still keep on going. Things/situations are always being harsh and rude to me. I always found myself being in the middle of a messed-up situation and here I am again... tired and feels like quiting. I'm just wondering how long I could keep up and how far I could stretch my patience. It's just sad that people around me, who are suppose to be the ones to help and understand me, are the one who love to make things get worst.

What a life... **sigh**


  1. Bakit naman sis hehehe.. nakiki chizmaks heheh...

  2. I hear yah.....but you know...perseverance produces character and character produces hope and hope is faith.

  3. sending positive vibes to you. may this week be less stressful. Keep the faith and smile :)

  4. The good thing is bad situations don't last. These, too, shall pass, and you'll be happy again in no time. Cheers!

  5. @Anne Am just having a nasty situation here. and I hate it...

    @Bing thanks am still keep on holding on.

    @awifescharmedlife Oh, thanks am looking forward for a less stressful week

    @Tetcha Thanks and yes, this won't things won't last.