Saturday, January 14, 2012

Graham Cake with Mango

My all time favorite dessert is this Graham cake with Mango. I always make this when I'm home because this is a good substitute for ice cream and cake. This is so easy to prepare and all the ingredients are all available in stores.

Here is the recipe:


2 packs of graham crackers.(reserve 3 crackers and crush it in a bowl with a glass)
4 large mangoes, seeds and skin removed.
1 can condensed milk
2 packs all purpose cream.

1. Place a layer of graham crackers at the bottom of your container (preferably plasticware with cover).
2. Mix the condensed milk and cream together and add a layer on top of the graham crackers.
3. Place your sliced mangoes on top, make sure that the cream covers all of the graham.
4. Repeat procedure until the container is full. Top with crushed grahams.
5. Serve cold.


  1. mango..interesting combination! Thanks for this recipie

  2. pinakasisiw na kaya lutuuin ng mga normal na chikiting (normal=ung hindi katulag nung mga chikitings sa masterchef series). at lab ko to....namnamnam

  3. @momto8 welcome! try this recipe, you & kids will love it :)

    @sendo agree, at nakakaenjoy gumawa nito. dinadamihan ko ang mango at condensed milk

  4. sounds easy! and more importantly ... delicious. thanks for sharing! :)