Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sagada Trip - Day 2

I haven't updated my blog for a while. Still, I got busy at work. But anyway, here are the rest of the photos I had on our Sagada Trip last summer.

Lumiang Cave

There are more burial caves here in Sagada but these are the only two caves that we visited. Lumiang Cave "The Small Cave" is a sacred burial cave for ancient Sagadians. Coffins are placed in the entrance of the cave.

Sumaguing Cave

This is of the most popular cave here in Sagada. Sumaguing Cave "The Big Cave" has the largest chamber of all connection caves in this town. We had the best adventure here.

3 days is not enough, we haven't visited the Sagada's Marlboro Country, The blue Soil, Underground River, more caves and other serene places here. I hope I can go back to this town again soon.


  1. wow jenn! it's my dream too to visit sagada:) it's on my list of must see places.

  2. @Joy thanks. just tell me when you want to go to Sagada, I can refer you to our tour guide.