Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Planning for the Next Adventure

I am very happy that I finally had time for outdoors activities. Last week, we went for a 3 days and 2 nights adventure in the Mountain Province. It's in the north side of the country. I love our trekking and spelunking activities. And I find it so addicting. I'll tell you all about our last week adventure soon, I am just preparing all the photos and I will share them all to you. I was a bit disappointed because we missed the big bonfire and the sunset, because it rains every afternoon.

Anyway, here is our next plan. We are planning to go a minor hiking and over night camping in the nearby province next month. We decided to bring tarp so that we can build a bigger tent unlike the small dome tent.

It is very practical to use tarps it is thicker, light weight and versatile. Not only that, tarp, especially the Blue poly tarp have rust resistant grommets, heat sealed seams, rope reinforced hems, mildew resistant, rot resistant, waterproof, tear and acid resistant. I am planning to buy the blue tarp for our over night camping next month.

I am very excited and hoping it won't rain on that day.

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