Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bulusan Volcano

My latest photo of the erupting volcano in my hometown. This is the biggest ash explosion so far since 2007. Another thing is threatening my hometown, ashfall and lahar flow. It's raining heavily since last week and lahar had started to flow down the river and reached some of the communities in my province as well as the ashfall. I'm so thankful my town is not yet affected by it.


  1. Wow... I would never imagine myself living somewhere near a volcano! Lucky your place is not affected!

    Anyway, just wanna tell you that I've updated my site and now it has a new URL. Will be grateful if you can update your blogroll...

    Blank Thoughts -

    (it's Lilrascal in your blogroll - previous domain was and it's DEAD..)


  2. buti na lang mdyo malayo kayo jenskie pero nice photo shot! Sensya na nga pala n0w lang ako na punta dito. Kasi busy sa pag aaral at report

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  5. How is it now? I know it's dangerous if it get worse. I never heard of this news though. Be safe!

    Nice shot!