Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its been 3 days that I'm here having my vacation in my hometown, and its also been 3 days that it's raining. I wasn't able to do all my plans. I suppose to go hiking, island hopping as well as catching the sunrise and and sunset for my landscape photography practice. I heard there in a beautiful waterfalls 10 kilometers from here, but its not a nice idea going there because of the rain, the path is slippery and stiff.

So what I'm doing now? Well, here! Downloading movies and oldies songs for my dad. I just noticed songs before are so great especially on rainy days. I like songs of The Lettermen and The Cascade. I am stock inside the house watching tv but on the other hand I am glad, once again I can watch lots of documentaries from Nat Geo channel and I miss Disney channel, so badly.

When I get bored, I can't avoid my self thinking and reminiscing the past. Lots of things had changed, I've been away from home since I started high school, that's 12 years to be exact. My room was transformed and become a stock room for all our stuffs. Now I am sharing our living room with my dog Rodney, it is now my bedroom and I sleep in a couch. And oh, sometimes its funny this weather can mess up my emotion... I keep on thinking the past, when I was still so young and littier I keep on hoping I get older fast, because when it happens I can go to work, do all the things I want and buy all the stuffs I want. Little did I know, the more I get older the more things will get complicated. So many things to think and to decide. The moment I stepped out from our door, I'm alone by my self. I know its the most stupid thing to say but, basing on the things that is happening... What if God made a mistake? I'm sorry but what if He really did? That maybe if he shaped my fate differently or made me not myself today maybe things will be better. Oh, yes, that is a stupid thinking... I have to blame it to the rain, that it made me so emotional and think nonsense.

I just hope the sun will show up tomorrow so that I can go to the beach, and catch the sunrise.


  1. yes i want some sun to show up :)

  2. where are you again?

    i hate it when things dont go as we expected.

    but then we're opened to new possibilities

  3. i love the rain. snuggling in bed with a good book :)

  4. Don't let the rain get you down. You're still on vacation and there may be other ways to make the most of it. Cheer up friend.